Eye examination

On the first floor of our store, we have set up our examination rooms, offering a full range of examinations, from comprehensive eye tests to driver’s license examinations. We also fit contact lenses and measure intraocular pressure with fundus analysis for glaucoma screening.

Driver's license application


We can advise you on the purchase of glasses, corrective lenses and contact lenses. We take the time to listen to you and work with you to find the right frame for your taste and face shape. When it comes to frames, you’ll be spoilt for choice, with eyewear to suit all tastes from Switzerland and Europe.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses offer you unparalleled visual comfort, while preserving your natural look. They are practical, easy to use and can correct a wide variety of vision problems. Contact lenses are ideal for sports activities, social events and for those who prefer not to wear glasses all day. Try them today and discover the difference!


Above all, we want your eyewear to be comfortable and pleasing to wear. That’s why we’re at your disposal for after-sales service. So you can benefit from professional deep cleaning. Do your glasses slip or hurt? Don’t hesitate to push the door open for an adjustment so you can forget you’re wearing glasses on your nose. Give your precious glasses a second chance in the event of a problem. Let us help you extend their life with repairs such as welding or replacement parts.

We look forward to helping you pamper your glasses.

Hearing screenings

Good hearing is essential for communicating, interacting with others and enjoying every moment of life to the full, so don’t let hearing problems deprive you of all life’s joys. Take care of your ears with a hearing screening. Contact our hearing care professionals and book an appointment today. Your hearing deserves to be protected and cherished, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.